Mitigate vote abusing to trigger /voteparty pay out

Today I went online and did /voteparty. It was telling me I did not participate in the /voteparty yet, this is what I expected, as I did not vote yet.
Then I did /vote and tried to vote using the links. I discovered that I could not vote on 4 of the 5 servers.
I asked around in chat and it seems that some players are voting for other players to increase /voteparty counts. This gives control on when the /voteparty pays out, being benificial for the abuser and not the abused player itself.

I propose a way to mitigate this issue by holding back vote counts on /voteparty until the player that is voted for is actually online on the server (not /hub or other servers where there is no /voteparty reward).

#97 - Status: open

4 weeks ago by JWok for Improvements