Our Creative server was just updated to Minecraft 1.18.2! How about that?

Obviously, Minecraft 1.18 didn't come with new blocks and stuff so this is mostly bug fixes and stability improvements.

The good news is, the plots are still there! The bad? We can't change plot size without reset :(

Our Survival server was just reset, we're sorry if this came kinda out of the blue but there were a lot of updates going on and we weren't quite sure when we will be able to pull it off. With that being said, Survival is now running Minecraft 1.17.1 (we will probably later update to 1.18 without reset).

Unfortunately, this also means you can't join with Minecraft 1.8 anymore. The minimum supported version is currently Minecraft 1.9, but it's recommended to use at least Minecraft 1.16 (if you can't upgrade past that) or Minecraft 1.17 and higher.

Creative server was just updated to Minecraft 1.17! All plots and blocks were converted and are still there, if you find any bugs please report them so we can fix them :)

As of now, you can only connect to Creative server with Minecraft 1.9 or higher, Minecraft 1.17 / 1.18 is recommended (at least 1.16.5 if you can't run 1.17 and higher).

Factions Reset 2021

Posted by Ryan2 years ago
Here we go, at last. Since the last reset there were quite a few changes, some of most noticeable:
 - New .jar and updated redstone limits (yes, we finally fixed TNT cannons)
 - Grace period, during which overclaiming and explosions are disabled
 - Updated F TOP and ObsidianDestroyer, be sure to check out /f topinfo and /od durabilities
 - Back and logout locations now expire in 2 hours (if you're in enemy or neutral territory)
 - Updated CombatTag plugin
 - Improved F FLY, WallGenerators and Envoys
 - Explosions above Y=256 are now disabled
 - Disabled Ice forming
 - Improved economy
 - New F Perms (CmdTop, CmdJump, Chest, Vault, ...)
 - Various bug fixes and improvements :)

Factions Reset 2021

Builders did a great job! We have awesome new spawn, PVP arena, Boss arena and, DropParty arena!

SkyBlock Reset

Posted by NxDs2 years ago
SkyBlock season is over at last :thumbsup:
This time around we applied several changes.

Hermes Wings

It's a new item that you can get from Vote Crates, once consumed you will be able to fly on your island for 5 minutes. You can stack multiple wings to extend your fly time.

hermes wings


You now have a scoreboard on the side that shows info and stats about your island


Add levels

We added a new way to earn levels for your island, instead of mindlessly placing blocks day and night and obtain ugly islands you will now be able to simply put the blocks in the /is addlevels inventory and the levels will be added as if you placed them.
Blocks placed will still count the same way, you can check the block values with /bvalues

Add levels

New Economy

The economy and prices have been entirely reworked in order to prioritize farming and gameplay over AFKing.

New Spawn and PvP

Our builders worked hard to bring you a whole new spawn and PvP