Top voters in October

by Ryan Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:35 am

Top Voters in October:
1. OrangeSyrek (30 EUR Voucher)
2. Darkascention (25 EUR Voucher)
3. Sh4rKyZz (20 EUR Voucher)
4. Jaerow124 (15 EUR Voucher)
5. Razenger (10 EUR Voucher)

If you are a winner PM me here on forums to claim your reward by clicking this :D

Top voters in September 2018

by Ryan Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:48 pm

Top Voters in September:
1. GolDAmine (30 EUR Voucher)
2. Andrej (25 EUR Voucher)
3. Sh4rKyZz (20 EUR Voucher)
4. eGirlBunny (15 EUR Voucher)
5. PlunkSenpai (10 EUR Voucher)

If you are a winner PM me here on forums to claim your reward by clicking this :D

Top voters in August 2018

by Ryan Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:16 pm

Top Voters in August:
1. Drop_Da_Bass (30 EUR Voucher)
2. Jaerow124 (25 EUR Voucher)
3. PlunkSenpai (20 EUR Voucher)
4. Headsmasher007 (15 EUR Voucher)
5. JonRoseJr1972 (10 EUR Voucher)

If you are a winner PM me here on forums to claim your reward by clicking this :D

Website update

by Ryan Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:20 pm

For general support Support tickets were added, staff applications and ban appeals on forums were archived and are now available here Ban appeals, Staff applications.

There were also some other changes like MC profile page (you need to be logged in) and login issues should be resolved now.

For everyone who's thinking about applying for staff please keep in mind we're looking for active players with good track record (playing for a week or two is not really enough, registering account and letting it sit for three months will also not get you staff). Chat and commands on all servers are logged, offenses too, before accepting anyone we will check those too.

From now on spam topics, inapropiate topics and posts with explicit words will be removed and authors punished (including but not limited to forum ban).

More stuff coming soon! :o


by Ryan Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:25 pm

By joining StrongCraft you agree to follow our TOS and rules. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Also keep in mind punishments can get more severe for repetitive offenders.

Advertising (servers, channels, streams or inappropriate websites):
- Will be punished with a permanent ban (straightaway).

Staff Impersonation (even as joke):
- Will be punished with a permanent ban (straightaway).

Ban evasion:
- Will be punished with a permanent ban (straightaway).

Auto-Clickers or anything related:
- Will be punished with a permanent ban (straightaway)

Staff Harassment (several cases and lasting a considerable good amount of time):
- Might be punished with up to a permanent ban

Hacking, cheating, admitting to be using hacks (even as joke), afk-mining with software or hardware mods (you need to be watching the screen and be responsive otherwise we'll assume you're afk mining), using forbidden mods, accessing other people's accounts, exploiting (including but not limited to server glitches, dupe bugs), etc:
- Will be punished with a permanent ban (straightaway). In case of hacking/mods evidence must be provided, depending on case server logs or admission by player himself can be sufficient. OptiFine is allowed, LabyMod is allowed, clients that give players unfair advantages (for example Huzuni, Ghost client, etc.) are not allowed.

Using more than 2 accounts online at the same time:
- 1st time: tempban 1 day
- 2nd time: tempban 1 week
- 3rd time: tempban 2 weeks
- 4th time: permanent ban

The punishment will be applied to each account, online and offline.

Acting uncivilized in English or another language (including but not limited to begging, spamming, flooding, using caps, hackusating, command trolling, swearing), disrespecting (players or staff members), threatening (including but not limited to DDoS, DOX, swat) inciting to suicide or to any other kind of harmful behavior, indecency, sexual harassment and any other kind of behavior that might ruin in any way the game experience of someone else or that will be considered as inappropriate can be punished as follows:
- 1st time: Warning
- 2nd time: 30 min mute
- 3rd time: 1 h mute
- 4th time: 6 h mute
- 5th time: 12 h mute
- 6th+ time: 24 h mute

Griefing (raiding, damaging, stealing, etc), creating inappropriate content (sexist, racist, adult-related, offensive, etc) such as buildings, books, signs, weapons, skins, names, etc., creating lag machines/farms, WarpKilling (Video proof needed, only /pwarp or /is warp) can be punished as follows:
- 1st offence: 12 h jail
- 2nd offence: 24 h jail
- 3rd offence: 48 h jail
- 4th offence: Permanent ban

Note: TpKilling staff is allowed as long as you don't trick them to accept your TPAs faking help requests

Excluding factions server, griefing/raiding is allowed on factions server. It's also important to know players should take measurements to protect themselves (trade stuff at spawn/safezone with /trade command, use /ah, claim your stuff, etc..), staff members are not there to babysit players.

Players can not get punished for offenses that occurred before we've updated the rules (except in extreme cases).
Evading the ban by making or joining with alts after the ban on the main account will lead to the rejection of any appeal

We reserve the right to apply any kind of punishment for any kind of action based on each specific case, even if not explicitly listed on this post.

Remember to check this post at least once every 2 weeks as its rules and punishments may change!

New staff members!

by Ryan Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:35 pm

Prilly_T has been promoted to Moderator!
steelrcraft has been promoted to JrModerator!

We also have three new JrHelpers
- AntiCheat_
- Sssspock
- Creepineer
- Kiichu

Congrats! 8-)

New website!

by Ryan Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:15 pm

It's now live!

As always if you find any bugs please report them ;)

PS: You need StrongCraft account (type /register ingame) in order to login on website.