A whole list of creative suggestions

Yeeeees, it's me again with the creative suggestions. I'm starting to get annoying, I know, and that's why this is actually the last thing I will submit for creative suggestions I promise :P

Before I begin there are some things I want to mention:

1. I posted this again since no one replies to anything I post about creative honestly. This time I'll be patient though, I know you guys are busy and all.
2. These suggestions aren't only mine but from other players too. That's why I'm posting this again, because the people would love these changes too and it seems like everyone is ignoring the topics I post in ''community feedback and suggestions'' in forums, so I just posted it here because why not.
3. We all know Creative is not really popular and that's why everyone would rather add features in survival or factions. But there are still decent amount of players going there, even though not at the same time. Besides, it doesn't have any fun features except for the ice cream addon thing that was just added and that's not really much. So even though creative isn't really popular, we would still like to have some nice features in it because I mostly play and watch over creative(since no one is there), and it gets boring over time. Same with other people.

Now, I will stop my talking and start with the list.

1. /ah
I've talked about this before (if anyone read it lol), and I will again - /ah would be an useful feature for creative too given the fact that we have thousands of various heads we can buy and sell. Many people agree with this, and this would be especially useful for people who don't know how to vote - they say that for some reason their voting doesn't work since they can't solve the captcha thing. I mean, it's just a nice useful thing we could have, especially for those people and head collectors (and there are MANY).

2. Adding a minigame on the /spawn.
There isn't anything like this on other servers I think, besides for the loot drop events and /warp pvps. But warp pvp isn't really special, and loot drops on survival almost never happen. That's why this would be great for creative! In fact, I'm pretty sure creative server would get at least 30% more popular because of this small addon, that could really change creative. Just a minigame of SOMETHING. Not sure what, but anything really, that is multiplayer like a small competitor game. And winners could get heads and stuff.
Now, if you are wondering who can do this- I have a great candidate. It is Redstone_Code. I swear, that guy is a GENIUS. He can make incredible minigames with redstone, and I currently have a Zombie game that he created at /p v AndrejGamez_ (my alt). And that is only the least he can make! Before he reset his plots, he had incredible original minigames that he created himself, and like 10 people played it, including me - we were once playing for 3 hours straight, and never got bored of it!
You might be thinking that he is like every other redstone engineer so I am overreacting, but this is different. He is lowkey one of the best, or easily even the BEST redstone engineers on the whole server.
This is why this would be great. A special thing for creative, and possibly the best idea on this list. I don't suggest anything crazy like bedwars or something, but some kind of a competition minigame which would be fun for all, especially if there is some PVP in it. I don't think, I know more players would come to the creative server, especially if this thing just gets added.
So please, think about this. Many players agree, and if you are interested, give Redstone_Code a chance.

3. Car addon.
I said this like 20 times already, but this time I think I actually have a link of this addon that works for 1.8! Now, I don't really care if you don't add it, since I know it might be dangerous for the server if it doesn't work and stuff. But if you have time, please check it out, because like 20 players so far agreed with me on this one.

Overview and explanation of the addon:

Download to the 1.8 addon:

That's all I can think of right now. Please, at least add one of these because it would really help the creative community, and since no one really gives attention to it, we can add these small (and BIG, considering the last one) changes that would really boost up creative. I posted a lot more suggestions, but by the community, these 3 are the best features of them all, so I didn't mention any from before.
Also, fix all these bugs already lol.

That is probably it. And again, please consider adding at least one of these if you have time. As a staff, I know I am not very helpful given the fact that everything happens on survival and I play creative; but I try my best to HELP every player on creative, since I take care of it and I'm like 90% of my server time there(you can check my /account, I've been online there alone for 25 DAYS. And I've been only registered for a year!).
So that's why there are like no reports from me hahaha, I only take an eye on creative and not many things go there. I only go on survival when no other staff is online. However, in the last month, on creative I myself found 27 inappropiate plots!!! Seriously, ask Pater. Insane.
Anyways, where I'm going with this is - I keep posting these because I've noticed people on creative get bored over time and since no one else would post this to help, I keep doing it. I just want to help and make the community better.
Anyways, sorry for having to read this HUGE post. But I just like writing lol.
Thank you for your time and attention.


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