Improvement to ChestHoppers

A improvment to ChestHoppers allowing them to Accept items from Regular hoppers And be able to condense items/auto sell when fed with regular hopper.

So currently When A item is fed into a ChestHopper using a hopper, There is no change to it. But If you have the item feeding the ChestHopper chosen to Condense or to sell it does nothing.
Ex: https://ibb.co/FnV0HTK I have the condense upgrade enabled. But When I feed the ChestHopper With a Regular hopper I get this as the output: https://ibb.co/cYLt8WX. When I think it should be this: https://ibb.co/WBw76gh.

#50 - Status: open

4 months ago by Dragon_Eye226 for Improvements