Increase Cactus sell price at Skyblock. To 3.5 or higher.

Even with Chesthopper, decreasing the price from 10 to a mere 1$ will yield a worse income even with a more efficient cactus farm.

There are arguments, that we should rather decrease the amount of time we are AFK, if so, why reduce a farm, where you actually have to build in order to gain money? With farms such as endermite farm, where you only have to buy from the shop, place the spawners and AFK even more.

At least increase it like factions where it is 3.5$ or so.
Make a poll or something, smh.

#34 - Status: rejected

9 months ago by Meduxa for Improvements

Answer: Rejected

People AFKing are going to AFK either way, the least we can do is to prevent server lag while they do so

7 months ago by NxDs