Afk Kicktime Suggestion

So About 3 weeks ago, the afk kick time was changed for users that have iron rank and below so the users get kicked after 10 mins of being afk instead of 200 mins. This Is smart Because with the server growing it keeps lag down. But I think that the users with iron rank and above (the users that have /afk) I think that if they dont use the command /afk before they go afk, then they will have a 60min afk kick time becasue they did not use the /afk command.

In conclusion If you just leave your keyboard and mouse and you didnt /afk then you will be kicked after a set amount of time. But if you do /afk then you have the no kick time.
idk if its possible but its just a suggestion.

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6 months ago by Dragon_Eye226 for Improvements

Answer: Closed

We didn't change the AFK times, Iron+ can afk indefinitely

5 months ago by NxDs