Discord modifications

On the discord suggestion channel I recently suggested some tweaks to be added to the server's discord that I believe would make the discord a bit more interactive and interesting for players, and since people seemed to like the idea I'll suggest it here too:

I feel like there should be some new channels, namely "Events" that could be used to tell players about upcoming events (drop parties, tnt runs, maybe try to organise some hunger games etc), and a "Giveaway" channel, where players give items to staff in-game (kits, spawners, money etc) and the staff then announce a giveaway on the discord.

Also I've seen this on a few servers, and feel it's necessary: having all staff apprear in a "staff" section, because currently players ping @mod or @admin and rarely @staff. We could keep the role color, and potentially put [mod] or [helper] before the name so players know who's who.

One last thing would be a support channel, that players can post for staff attention, since it's easier for staff to check discord than helpops on the website (which should stay, it's a good system).

I hope you consider these changes, I suggested them here since the community seems to like the ideas, I hope you agree,

Qazwsx, Moderator

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8 months ago by qazwsx for Forum

Answer: Closed

We'll add events once the server will have enough players to participate

5 months ago by NxDs