Clear chat command

I was on a server and I saw that if players advertised, the staff would simply clear the chat. I talked about it to Andrej and we both agreed that it should be added, so we're both suggesting it.

I searched "minecraft clear chat plugin" on google and very quickly found one (I don't know if it's good enough to be added, but since other servers seem to have it it can't be that bad)

Andrej and I agreed that it should be a mod+ command, since as far as I know there aren't a lot of commands that differentiate jrmod and mod, so that would be a good benefit to make mods a bit more important (they could also feel the need to be more active when possible since the command could be very usefull), and the command could be used to limit damage from both advertising and toxic players

Thank you for considering my suggestion,

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11 months ago by qazwsx for Commands

Answer: Closed

This command already exists and it is not about it by searching on google because we make our own plugins.

11 months ago by Destitution_