skyblock reset

I really think that Skyblock should reset and many would probably agree with me on that. Im not saying that it needs to be reset because people quit or something like that or its getting boring its just that many people join.. many new people and if they see a dead server they will most likely all leave or if they see a server that most people have finished all their quests or challenges and are just being afk all day long to get money or drops for their shops or blocks to add to their islands to compete for /is top. It just makes the server look dead and boring and if no new people stay the server will die off not just in Skyblock but in other modes too. a reset will help prevent that and save the server because new people will play and have a chance to compete for is top and the game will be fun once again.

I just really think it would be in the servers best interest to reset Skyblock as it is already dead and has been for the last couple months

I would suggest you ask the community on what they think about a Skyblock reset.

Thank you for your time hope you are having a great day everyone reading this!

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3 months ago by makisstr888GR for GameModes