key trading

Can we make key trading across servers against the rules?

It's really fucking annoying getting assholes who hop on skyblock and ask for keys, then say "youre all assholes" or just talk shit when we say we dont want to or dont have any. (mostly younggirl1)

I'm not saying like we shouldn't do it ever... but I think getting on other servers just to beg and moan and bitch about it should be against the rules. Maybe if like someone was generous enough to give their keys away?? Just fucking anything to stop the constant 5 people who get on every few hours asking for keys.

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12 months ago by scrs for General

Answer: Closed

There are also different ways to prevent scamming including:
- split high number of trades.
- avoid high number of trades.
- check whether this person has already scamed someone.
- record or notify a staff (video is good evidence)

Attention scamming itself on 1 server is allowed, there you will be warned to use commands such as:
- /ah
- /trade
- intervening person (not really trustworthy)

12 months ago by Destitution_