Ranked Player Commands

As we know, Ranked Player get a slight advantage over other players which is off course what they pay for.
Now I don't think the Ranked Players and Regular players have enough permissions.

I suggest adding /fly (INSIDE OWN TERRITORY (Skyblock on own Island, Factions in own Claims, Survival in own Claims)) to the Diamond Rank (Highest Rank). Sometimes stuff like Generator Buckets on Factions etc mess up and just stop working. This makes it really hard to fix and a /fly command would be very handy to fix this.

Also giving Ranked Players a less cooldown on stuff like /fix or /wild (The higher rank you have, the lower your cooldown will be).

Third is something I personally want in general (So not just for Ranked Players), making people able to actually have some input into the server. This has nothing to do with commands but I feel like the staff team does not notice their players, there is always only 2-3 staff online and they only stay on one server. They don't go on other servers and ask for their opinion. I have asked multiple staff to check my suggestions in the Discord but they just don't check it out or respond to it or whatever. I don't know if the staff is actually looking into what I'm suggesting and this is something I don't think any of the players like. When staff read suggestions, even if it is just in pm's, message the player and give your opinion on it because right now it doesn't feel like we have any input into the server.

And the last thing is, please revamp your staff team. Get new staff rules, new staff members, make an SS guide for the staff members, and maybe make a TeamSpeak server because right now, it's very hard to get in contact with staff members and when I for example suspect someone of cheating. Because they are for example 6-blocking me, a lot of staff don't see this as 'Hacks' but more as 'Lagg'. It would make it so much easier if you could just freeze them (as a staff member), screenshare them and check if they have any clients installed or hidden. If they do, just ban them instead of making a excuse that they are 'lagging' (I might sound a little bit harsh in this last bit, but as of how it is right now. This server is probably not gonna get really far).

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1 year ago by Kolid for Commands

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If we add /fly it's going to be for everyone, making it available only for specific ranks is going to be insanely unfair and it would make the already bad p2w situation even worse
Judging by the complaints we got when we added that to survival I don't think that's a good idea anyway

We do check suggestions, it is just implausible to handle them as soon as they come for several reasons such as time and organization

We simply lack staff and unfortunately they do not grow on trees, if no good people are applying we can't accept them and we can't get more, it's like this on every server and there's not really much to do about it

1 year ago by NThrill