Custom Biomes

Since I came across a few survival. I noticed the coolest thing is custom biomes! This set them apart from vanilla terrains which we see everywhere in the game.
It will be an amazing addition to the survival server, and honestly give players the desire to explore. It can have custom items, food, animals and mobs maybe, etc :D

Here are a few biomes in mind.
- Winter (obviously the snow biome but better with custom resources, etc)
- Fall (You can't change the colors of the leaves but you could add other things like pumpkins)
- Fantasy (Magical like biome with custom fruits, etc. This feel like EC RPG)
The staff members or build team of the server can come up with any biomes, additions, etc.

To close this, it will be a fantastic adventure to explore unknown biomes created in my favorite server

#183 - Status: open

2 months ago by SuperCharas for GameModes