Private signs,claims,teleports,tpkillers and chat behavior

After I changed my name,every chest with Private signs are locked from me.I think this should be fix that the one uses Private signs on chests still able to open the chests just like claims,chest shops.
-Change the way to make private signs from writing on the sign into write it with commands like chestshop,also able to change it(Give players permission to use the private block) with commands,not breaking it and use the command again.
Tpkill is not breaking rule but many players were upset about it.So I suggest:
-Teleport:You can only teleport when the land you are going to is claimed.
-Claim:When a claim is made,need 5 minutes to remove the claim.And 5 minutes to remove that claim if you teleport a player in the claim recently.
Censor words are too little and some players shows their disrespectful in a different way,need to add more words that censor.This is important for a "friendly and respectful environment for everyone to appreciate".
Stop saying "/ignore would work",unless you inform the new players about that command in lobby,or remove that " Keep an appropriate behavior" rule.

#175 - Status: open

1 month ago by ItsEmbery for Improvements