fix server

ways to fix strongcraft
1. unban all like extreme craft did - would prob get a lot of old players that want to play again back
2. purge certain staff members off of staff team
3. delete chest hoppers - strongcraft dying partly bc of decline of general interest of 1.8 minecraft but also because 80% of online players always afk and there is no one to play with / converese with. its basically j a single player world - no fun at all

i go on every like 3 weeks but id love to see more players on than there are. plus id be more inclined to play if there were more actual players and not just more afkers. that goes for others im guessing too. ppl wanna play a server that others are playing. im sure other ppl have strongcraft in their list of servers but dont play bc everyone always afk and low player base.
fix server

#173 - Status: rejected

1 month ago by DaddyMich for General

Answer: Rejected

1. Rejected
2. Rejected
3. Make a seperate suggestion for it.

1 month ago by Destitution_