unfair advantages

There is no reason that I can see to not give a level playing field to even us old and computer stupid people. I vote every day on every site you have provided for the players to vote on. I am in about 8th place on top voter list. This is a crock of $#%$. There should not be advantages given to some people. If you are going to count votes from sites you should list them on the forum for people. If you don't list the site you should not be counting votes from that site. Some of us are old and stupid when it comes to this tech stuff and would only know about the sites you tell us about. It is not right. list all the sites that we can get credit for votes on or only count votes from the listed sites.

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4 years ago by PapaCoopster for Forum

Answer: Closed

I understand and I fully agree with you. This was not intended, it seems like some vote sites would give you rewards and count votes even tho they shouldn't. Starting on Oct 1st everyone will only be able to vote on sites listed here: https://www.strongcraft.org/vote.php

Thank you for pointing this out!

4 years ago by Ryan