Allow blocks to be placed on top of the nether on factions.

Im sure everyone has tried to get on top of the nether and you havent been able to get on top. There are plugins that dont allow u to get in boats near the top, or minecarts, or any other strategy you might think of. However, i think that if someone finds out a way to get on top they should be able to place blocks up there. Im assuming there is a plugin that doesnt allow you to place blocks up there (incase someone does find a way up), but i think if someone is smart enough and tried hard enough to get up there, and succeeds, they should be allowed to place blocks up there. I am not saying that I have found a way up there, because after a long time of trying, i still havent been successful. Again though, if someone spends time and effort and is smart enough to get on top, they should be rewarded with being allowed to place blocks up there.


#133 - Status: open

1 year ago by DaddyMich for Improvements