Make Insiding in Factions Bannable/ or Temp Ban

My faction has been attempted to be insided around four times now. Now we won't invite anyone because we think they will inside us. I don't wanna invite new players because another faction may pay them off to inside us. Some faction servers have insiding bannable for a good reason. New players come to faction and then quit because no one will invite them. Also if you made inside bannable maybe you could think about allowing alts to. I think if someone insides there should be some type of punishment. I really shouldn't have to not invite anyone to my faction. Also I know that trust is part of how factions work but it really limits who can be in my faction. Also having everything be raided because another faction payed someone to do it is not the best. Also if I make a member base then that will probably be insided to. I would just like to have some new blood in my faction.

#131 - Status: accepted

1 year ago by Cryptontic for Improvements

Answer: Accepted


1 year ago by Destitution_