Alot again, Make sure to look at my previous suggestion and use it as a source as well.

!!! So currently the amount of power per player is only 15, this NEEDS to be increased. Smaller factions can not make larger bases increasing the power per player to at least 100 would increase not only competition but the sizes of many smaller faction's bases. There is a 20 chunk buffer limit but no one is going to be able to even get close to that with the way things currently are. !!!

Point system:
Remove all items from that of which increase points but: Any Spawners, Hoppers
This is factions not skyblock, so please do not try to make this skyblock. also this would remove the whole money v point system dilemma as it is doing the same thing. Dia blocks should not be one of the main ways to get to FTOP 1 mainly because they highly reward those who x-ray (same goes for gold blocks).

Give the vouchers that were promised to the top factions of last map.

Chest Hoppers:
Make it so that another faction can not edit what the CH is doing. Make it so they can only see the contents of the CH. Then again they should be able to explode the CH using creeper eggs and fireballs.

Make them more balanced by increasing the price and maybe reduce the chances of drops. They can currently blow up anything and require way less skill than using creeper eggs. They should cost 100k while creeper eggs only will cost 50k.

Please focus more on factions as it could do sooo much better than it is right now.

#126 - Status: open

1 year ago by uethor for Improvements