Adding vouchers on survival like factions

Adding vouchers on survival will add al little spice on playing and grinding this will also increase the number of players and if the players get vouchers then there would be a great competition between. All players for example we can give vouchers to the baltop players 1position 50euros 2nd 40 3rd 30 4th 20 and 5th 10 so many players will try to grind as much as they can and try to be on baltop therefore they will stay for longer and play and play trust me this is a very good idea :D and u will love this

Thank you

#122 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Instaneous for General

Answer: Rejected

There is not really a goal in Survival to perform to this.
Balancetop seems to be a little easy at this moment on the server.

2 years ago by Destitution_