Raise MCMMO caps on swords and axes back to 1600(or higher than 200 and 800) - and raise unarmed back up to 400

There was ABSOLUTELY no reason to decrease the caps, in fact it was a horrid idea. It has only angered most players, and the players that don't mind it, either don't know what mcmmo is, or are just lazy. Ive grinder my swords, axes, and unarmed to max level, and I'm already losing incentive to play. Survival just reset, and I'm already losing my interest in playing. I want to grind my swords and axes up high, but now I can't. For those who will say "do something else to keep yourself occupied", I am doing other stuff. This all just leads back to the fact that there was no reason to lower the caps so severely. Ive asked around, and nobody asked for the caps to be lowered. It is just making players unhappy, and lowering their incentive to play ALREADY. PLEASE PUT IT BACK TO HOW IT WAS!!!! #Justiceforaxes #Justiceforswords #Justiceforunarmed.

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5 months ago by DaddyMich for Improvements

Answer: Closed

Another suggestion of the same kind is already shortlisted.

1 month ago by Destitution_