Making the factions season shorter and Adding back eco f top <Removing the points system>

A long faction season that last for more than 7months with less than 8 players online on a server is not technically fun in the sense that there is no competition. This server is growing and if you want it to succeed successfully you might want to consider lessening the factions season from 7+ months to like 2 months. This will make it more competitive and will cause player's flames of playing faction not to be out. Because of this long season, players are not interesting in playing the game which makes it not fun and not even attempting to play the game. Making the season shorter will allow competition and having fun at the same time.

Removing the points system is necessary because unlike mostservers that are popular, this server is small and theres not enough players online to make the economy shine. Imagine getting 10k points from spawners, diamond blocks, gold, etc. I know its unique cause most faction servers donest have this kind of setup and because of this most players that join to play factions quits instantly because they dont know how to use the points system play. Removing the points system is a MUST because not only will it be easiest to understand but people will not have any difficulties play the factions they loved and enjoyed.

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3 years ago by xoticOp for GameModes

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The season is each 6 months aka reset each 6 months.

2 years ago by Destitution_