Add /claim fly again, remove chesthoppers

claim fly was a thing before the reset that happened in november. a lot has changed since then.. not only are there almost no big build projects on the server, its just a thing everyone wants too see back. I saw that ameen suggested the similar thing and it got 13 thumbs up. I dont know why this is getting ignored, but please just add it back.

Not only claim fly changed after the reset.. the chesthoppers got added. and I know for all you op people out there with giant cactus farms that it makes you rich, and it looks like its fun but honestly, its not. before the reset, it was a challenge to get spawners. now everyone walks around with at least 10 mil. nothing is a challenge anymore and you cant use /claim fly either.. Please vote for yes, ant think about this twice.

#111 - Status: closed

5 months ago by JaHer for GameModes

Answer: Closed

Another suggestion of the same kind is already shortlisted.

4 months ago by Destitution_