New Staff Votes approval votes.

I had an idea that I thought would be good.

Right now, people apply to staff and are either excepted or denied by staff. I think, if accepted, there should be one more step in the process.

I think the community should get more of a say about who becomes staff to make it more fair. It would make the server have less of an oligarchy feel to it, and make this place feel more like a democracy where the community has a say.

The idea is that once a staff application is approved by the current staff, there is then a vote put out in a new channel on the server discord. The community will down vote or up vote, and whichever has more at the end of a week or something decides it.

This way everyone gets a say in who patrols the server. Staff gets to approve or deny applications, and the community (ppl who have to actually have to deal with staff members) vote for the final decision.

I don't know if others will like this idea, but I think it is a good and fair idea.

Also this is one is a reach but maybe if enough players want a certain staff members to be kicked off staff, there can be a vote during there term as staff to either keep them or kick them.

FYI: THIS IS NOT MEANT TO TARGET ANYONE. This current staff team, to me, is the best staff has ever been during my time on SC. I'm making this post to protect us from any future potential tyrants that the community sees not worthy as staff. I don't want this current staff team to be polluted by anyone, hence why I make this post.

#104 - Status: rejected

8 months ago by DaddyMich for General

Answer: Rejected


3 months ago by Destitution_