Unban All

There were some rumors floating around today that EC had an unban all on purpose one time. Although I find this hard to believe i trust the player that said it happened. I was thinking, that since EC is a very successful server, we should copy what’s going on over there to replicate their success. I think something that would increase player base, would be to copy thst unban all and do it here. If it worked for EC, and they’re already popular, doing it here could get more players back on. Obviously if they’re doing stuff again that show that they should stay banned then just reban them.
With that unban all could then come an increase of profit as wel. More players, more chances for them to spend money on the server.
As well as an increase of player base and profits for the server, I believe it’s a fair and ethical thing to do. I know certain players (NOT TROOSEY, other people) who have been banned in the past, some bans deserved some aren’t, but these players are perm banned. A perm ban is a horrific thing, it doesn’t give the player enough chances to correct their behavior. Repeated punishments would be better for teaching a player rather than a perm ban. A perm ban just takes away someone’s happiness when they could be finally learning the rules of the server through repeated punishment.

But anyways, since some of these players aren’t being given a fair platform to appeal on, i think just an unban all so the people that have been banned off of grudges, staff corruption, and other unjust reasons may be allowed to play once again. I’m not here to insult anyone, infact the current staff team is the BEST staff team i’ve ever seen on this server. Yes there can be a few flaws here and there, everyone makes mistakes including staff members.

I’m getting away from the point though. An unban all is a fair way to give players another chance, increase server player base, and server income.

#101 - Status: rejected

8 months ago by DaddyMich for General

Answer: Rejected


3 months ago by Destitution_