A Rules board or somthing simler

no one seems to read the rules before playing. Yes as a staff member its my job to get players to read the rules but 8/10 times they will just ignore me and say i didn't know there where rules and that is because we have no wall or board or hologram in game for them to read. i feel like if we just had the rules on a board at or near spawn some where and put a warp there it would work a lot better than the system we have right now. I Wrote this suggestion because late at night i play and ill be the only staff member on or not in /v (vanished) and ill get bombarded with questions and help request so fast i can't keep up and i sometimes forget some one and they remind me like half an hour later. the main cause is new players or players who don't speak English well enough to understand me so the end up not reading the rules and braking them. (sorry i went on a rant)

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1 year ago by Darkascention for Buildings

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You're implying they would still read them lol
They would acknowledge there are rules but won't bother reading them, they never do and never will no matter what as they just don't care

1 year ago by NThrill