Survival server update

Update survival server to 1.19 version and reset survival server. :D

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6 months ago by strafedlmao for Survival


Update Survival to 1.19

Paper 1.19 is released
My request is to update the survival server to 1.19 as there is many changes in 1.19 you may face difficulties to update i know
There is many changes players were excited about that if you update more players will enjoy playing the server with there friends or it will get bored playing 1.18.2

Thank you

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9 months ago by Its_zeeshan for Survival


Add vote parties back

Vote parties were a very fun way of encouraging people to vote,and I don't see why they got removed.If you find they are too overpowered with 15 vote keys,maybe reduce it to 10 or 5.

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1 year ago by SeedMinecraft for Global



Most of us know that there are few tpkillers who tpkill new people, so i think there should be a cooldown for someone to hit someone after being tp'd
For example, lets say i tp'd to someone and the person decided to hit me, they can. But what if we add what i said and the person will have a cooldown to hit me so i can't be hit?

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1 year ago by Isaac_Fostwr for Global



Please can you bring back the sale? I just can't afford 40 euro for a rank upgrade. I think that's too much. Thx:)

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1 year ago by Eldarino for Global



I don't know if this happens to other people but, there are some people who teleport to u and then just claim the things u made that weren't claimed or places around you. And its really annoying cause think that u made a good house that took you long time to make, and then someone randomly teleport's to u and then claims it. And you can do nothing but ask them to un-claim it. I woul.. See more

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1 year ago by Isaac_Fostwr for Survival


Vote Party

Hello, I personally think that a Vote party would be a really cool server feature, consisting of setting a goal of votes and when it reaches the goal, every player online receives, I don't know, a certain amount of vote keys or at least one, that way, people will be more interested in voting and it benefits both the server and the players. I would like to see this in Factions/Survival/Skyblo.. See more

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3 years ago by Cabsan for Global