nether command

i really warps nether it will be cool /warp nether and super helpful and a gift command /gift and newbie problem they keep asking for tutorial i hope you guys wil make a tutorial for all thing i know i will be hard but it would be helpful for a biginer also people are hard making money i would like you add a job mod such as farmer woodcutter /job /task /choose job and make a task for each task .. See more

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9 months ago by _RottenPotato_ for Survival



i usually make alot of subclaims also big subclaims so i might be confused where am i standing (was it outside or not) and mistakenly unclaim my main claim ..... i hope theres /abandonall subclaims .... or /unclaim near subclaim... it would make it easier to me to not accidentally /unclaim my main land and reclaim it again xD

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1 year ago by Wizzaxx for Survival


Make a command like /makestore for rank iron and all the rest above it

You can open like a store its like /ah but where only you the player sell stuff. And for people to buy stuff do /pshop and it would show all the player shops.....

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2 years ago by markuss2080 for Survival


please add /claim fly in survivla

/claim fly help to builds some houses and tower.

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2 years ago by waquar5555 for Survival


Homes in Survival

I'm not the only one who would like this added. Sometimes having only 2 homes is a nuisance. Can you please add a /Home 3 because thats a lot easier.

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3 years ago by ItsFrostOfficial for Survival