Staff Application: AztechPLays

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Staff Application: AztechPLays

Post by AztechPLays » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:14 pm

Minecraft Username: AztechPLays

How many hours a week are you able to put into StrongCraft?
I'm just going to go ahead and put my full detailed schedule here.
I am active from anytime between:
Monday: 1pm-2:pm
Tuesday: 1pm-2:pm
Wednesday: 1pm-2:pm
Thursday: 1pm-2:pm
Friday: 1pm-2:pm
Saturday: 1pm-2:pm
Sunday: 1pm-2:pm
*All times may fluctuate depending on schedule*

What position are you aiming for?
Preferably Moderator, though, I would take a lower ranked position if offered.


Maturity Level
8/10 I like to have fun on the servers but know when to be serious.

Why should we except you?
There are many reasons I'd like to become a staff member here on StrongCraft. Let me organize and list them out for you in Q&A format.

Why would I want to be staff
I personally want to become staff not to hold myself above others, but help the new players that would become a potential active member, or next staff member. Staff set an example for the community, and must be professional and are held at high standards. Whether or not one is a helper, moderator, or part of the administrator team, these positions are all part of the staff team. If one staff member acts out, it'll taint not only the reputation of the staff team, but potentially the community itself too. Ultimately, becoming staff would allow me to further invest in my own experiences and hopefully learn something different.

How do you know I'll stay motivated?
This is a question I always ask myself over and over. I ask myself, "How am I not getting bored"? The answer always comes back to the same answer: Community. A server wouldn't be enjoyable without a community. The players that play on it make me motivated and want to play. I also believe that a staff team is the most enjoyable when friendships are sparked. I personally am always open to friendships and am a very outgoing person. Should anyone approach me, my first instinct is friendliness. I understand that being a staff member is not something to take granted, but a privilege. Every memory I make while on this server will help me with the approaching future. Undeniably, Skyblock does get repetitive over time, but I always explore different ways to spice things up through interacting with fellow players.

Why am I distinctive over any other applicant?
The big question. "Why am I unique? Why should you select me? Why...?" It all comes back to the one answer: Experience
To begin explaining why I am unique over any other applicant here on Strongcraft, let's start with the question, "Do I understand that being a helper is not easy?" I fully understand that being staff is very challenging and may be stressful at times. Since I've had past moderation, I can handle the pressure, and will try to the best of my ability to be professional, which brings me to the next point. "Why would I be a good fit for the server"? I can bring utmost professionalism to the staff team. Of course, I am also human, and will try to the best of my ability to handle problems/disputes professionally, calmly, and quickly. As a bonus to why I would fit in, I've spent a lot of money on Minesaga. (Of course this doesn't mean anything hence why I said it's a bonus) If this doesn't show dedication to the network, I'm not sure what would. Additionally, due to my humorous personality, I can lighten up the mood if necessary, and have tons of experience to backup my moderation (1 year of moderation and around 9 total years of Minecraft Experience). Additionally, due to the fact that I have experienced many scenarios with loopholes in the rules, I have carefully studied both the server and forum rules. In the rare case that I am uncertain in a scenario, the first thing I would do is search and consult upper staff members. If I am unable to assist anyone, I would contact a higher staff member and let them know to deal with the situation. There's minimal room for mistakes and I'll rarely risk that. I understand that the staff team reflects the image of the network and professionalism is the one thing that keeps a server enjoyable. I am a person that thinks before they act. I would never act rationally or unethically.

Previous experience?
I was staff on Hypixel for a little bit, and I loved it! I was mod for about a year. I have quite a bit of experience due to this server as they have a high player base and a high demand for assistance. These are just notable server that I have staffed on. There are many more smaller servers that I have staffed on but aren't worth noting. Over the past few years, I've learned more and more through new experiences with different servers. Although I have pretty much been in almost all possible situations as a staff member, I would love to see what I can learn with StrongCraft.

Any additional info?
I live in a small town in NY CIty the Bronx, USA. I have been playing Minecraft since alpha. My favorite server here is Surival

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Re: Staff Application: AztechPLays

Post by AztechPLays » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:15 pm

I am fluent with Spanish and English and ASL and Costa Rican Sign-Language

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Re: Staff Application: AztechPLays

Post by Destitution_ » Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:07 am

Staff Applications should be done here, :)

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