StrongCraft Factions; Beginners Guide

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StrongCraft Factions; Beginners Guide

Post by WillSixtySix » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:44 am

There's a lot of questions regarding how to begin and be successful on StrongCraft factions so as an experienced player I decided I'd make a thread to help the new members get started and grinding.

First before you start you're going to have to understand some basic Factions commands, I'll list them below.

Creating a Faction:
To create a faction do /f create (Faction Name) in chat, it's going to cost you $50 to create a new faction.

After creating a faction you're going to want to do /f money deposit (amount). This will allow you to keep the land that you will claim later. Everyday the server automatically requires you to pay taxes, it's 10 cents per a land. If you cannot pay this fee your land will be unclaimed.

After you've created your faction you're going to want to make a base.

Creating a base:
To find a good area to build your base you should use /rtp, this will teleport you to a random area within the overworld. Keep in mind though, you should not build right ontop of your RTP. /rtp is not completely random, there are about 30-40 /rtp's pulled from an array list, so eventually someone will find your base.

What kind of base you create is going to be up to your play style, if you're a player that plans on playing solo you should most likely go for an unclaimed base that you can easily access and set up very simple storage systems, grinders etc. If you're playing with some friends you're going to want to look for a spot you deem 'good' and create a claimed based with protection. Keep in mind this server has Withers and Obsidian breaker enabled, so just having an Obsidian base with water around it is not going to be enough. Here's a good video you can watch to see how to defend your base click here.

Making money:
When you're just beginning you obviously will not be able to have a good mob spawner you can grind for money. On StrongCraft when you are beginning you should always create a farm. In my opinion you should always create a Sugarcane and Netherwart farm. Sugarcane on the server currently sells for $24,192 per a double chest and Netherwart sells for $17,280. One thing that is a must to make a lot of money from farms on this server is that you don't automate it. You will make more money if you get the crops yourself. With McMMo being on this server you'll have a good chance at double drops and auto replants the higher Herbalisim you get. From 64 blocks of Netherwart you could get up to 8 stacks alone just from double drops.

Also, make sure you're voting everyday to get up to 12 keys and up to $60,000. These are your best chances at spawners and to helping you get money. Your votes also go to every server so you can trade/money keys to members on other servers to gain more chances at getting spawners from crates.

Investing your money:
On StrongCraft you shouldn't just hold onto your money, you should check the /ah (auction house) for deals for Spawners that can help you grind or ask members if they're selling spawners. You can easily get cheap spawners to help you in the long run. It might seem like a large investment now, but in the long run it can pay dividends.

Final Thoughts:
If you have any questions feel free to ask me in-game, Discord or here! Will make sure to respond.

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Re: StrongCraft Factions; Beginners Guide

Post by PapaCoopster » Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:14 pm

Nice, this should help new people for sure. BTW cacti is awesome too ;)

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