Tpkill (Player name: "Killua")

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Tpkill (Player name: "Killua")

Post by AkrameAkay » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:16 pm

this guy tpkilled me and when i reported to the staff, Andrej said its not tpkill cause he didnt kill me within 1 minute! the player who killed me named "Killua" admited later to staff that he waited couple minutes to kill me so its not considered tpkill by rules, but i still got killed by him in that teleport he sent to me, video show the whole story!

i did accept the teleport to tst if he will do tp kill again cause he already been jailed for it, and so i can warn other players, ive been doing this evrytime testing tpkillers to warn other newbies or even pro players! but today as even i recorded it and staff still didnt anything, then this is problem with server staff and not the tpkiller itself!
Distitution tried to help but didnt want to jail him cause he didnt want to get in any trouble as by the rules you did put, they say its not tp kill, even he killed me after couple minutes of the teleport he sent me.
Video proof for tpkill:

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Re: Tpkill (Player name: "Killua")

Post by 10thDimension » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:45 am

he should get a temporary ban