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Staff Application

Post by Eldarino » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:32 pm

So here we go...

In game name: uhhh many i have...wich one? uhhh oh yes .. *cough* Eldarino.

Real name: Duh ya really thought i tell ya?.. Levente btw

Age: 20+ (21 but i will be 22 in august)

Time zone: CET +1

Where are you from?
The small but beautiful and ancient Hungary.

Why are you applying?
'cuz everyone else is doing so why not? though the real reason is a little more... complicated...

First: Im playing here since 2016 march. I know no one cares but at least i know how this server is going and what it needs... almost..
Second: While everyone knows me about my bad behavior (but thats just because i dont really likes the humans) i still feel like i could be a good staff memeber as i know how to punish others by their act. And sometimes i feel like i can be funny too.
Third: What else to say? I really like to try it out. And im very good at building many stuff... other info below. Long way down.

Any experience with moderating?
Honestly not much... but i know usefull commands and know how to handle them.. and when i need to use them.
How not much? I mean i had an oportunity to be a staff member at Probi2x's server.. for a day...

Which Server are you applying for?
I play on survival only.

When did I start playing minecraft?
in 2011 but since then i visited thousands of servers... i dont remember most of its name though but like teamextreme and other "big" servers.

What languages do you speak?
my native is Hungary but there are ancient hungary too wich is more complicated and hard, then there is English.sometime its good sometime i write like its a language i dont understand..

How many hours can I contribute?
Not many anymore as i have work... a lot of work... and no its not homework like most of ya have... real psychical work.

Any additional information id like to add:
Im hungry so i go make some food for myslef... at midnight.. lol
Btw im a big roleplayer so thats why my attitude and behavior is different sometime.

About yourself:

welp lets begin...
I started to play here in 2016 march as i said. this server was empty. almost. only the philipino hackers was there. killing everyone with tpkill and traps...i mean each other ... so after a while i decided to brign in my armory and try to make them leave... though many of them leaved after they get bored that i defeat them still many come again and its started all over.In the mean time I meet with RIDDIK who since then become my best friend and despite our religion differencies ( as hes a muslim and im belive in the darwin-evolution) we become best friends. Then Pauly came (who is a canadian and about 40+ year old) and then Carlyle (thoug she came too late ). She bringed us to her own server for a while but me and RIDDIK didnt feel too comfortable there so then we comed back.And pauly get banned cuz he was so laggy (probably cuz it was a shout african server) they thoguth hes a hacker XD.
After that there was the reset but we speaked to Ryan trough Pauly cuz only he had some kind of "cumminication" with the big and mysterious leader. Anyway since then i become a little more 'inactive' as now im completly inactive In the past few weeks.

Now there are some honest things:(and the building info i promised up there)
My accs: yes i get bored so i telling them...
though most of it i dont use anymore. not since the first reset cuz back then i was extreamly active and had a lot of time.

Eldarino: Main acc. I build mediaval stuff.. a lot of mediaval stuff with this acc.
Azurina: Egyptian stuff.. mostly
Farfear: usually building in mega taiga. back then i had a big scary castle with it.Where i collected the philipino hacker souls...scaaaarryyy
Snowdrop: Building Ayleid themed stuff(google is your firend :D)
+other 10 i used to use them to do /wild and /home as there was only 1 homeset/player.

And here is the big plot twist:(but only for those who didnt checked my ip )
about a year ago i started to building with prismarine too.I just wanted to try out how it looks like if i build a castle with prismarine. And i started to love it.though i started to use these alts after the first reset so..
so here we go:
All of them for building a lot of Megastructures underwater.its hard to build underwater..more hard to terraforming..

so basicly i was the half server before the reset XD.The first reset i mean.
If you applying me i promise i can build lot of megastructures for you all in due time. you just need to wait for it.

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Re: Staff Application

Post by kabo111 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:07 am

omg u are Mercuryrain xD
we were reporting together lmao , man i love getting tricked i guess xD

wish you the best , u do deserve being very old in server and gonna help people for real + i love your old base with Mercuryrain !!!

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Re: Staff Application

Post by Eldarino » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:11 am

meeeowww :3

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Re: Staff Application

Post by ProBi2X » Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:55 pm


I do like this app, tho it misses some questions you did a fantastic job ( yeah im not a real staff xD just fuckin with peeps )