New man on campus

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New man on campus

Post by PrestonLazaro » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:21 am

Whats up fellas?

Hey, my name is Preston Lazaro, and after FINALLY finding out how to create an account (thanks to @TheRealFrostbite) I AM HERE!

Often, I am usually playing on creative, sometimes with friends, and a few times on factions. If you seen me in creative, you might probably know that I built a stadium, along with my great friends, and I am happy to announce that it will be opened on July 31st on Monday :D ! The stadium is named StrongCraft Stadium, since I couldn't think of any names.

Besides MineCraft, I am an avid fan of Pro Wrestling, more specifically WWE (y'know, that thing John Cena is in), I love to play games such as TF2, and I enjoy talking about politics, however usually I don't wish to offend others due to my political views.

Other then that, I think thats really all you need to know about me. Well, I hope I will see you some time later, rather that'd be here on the forums or in game!

Semper Fi,
Preston Lazaro

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