Bring Villager Trading Halls Back

I, Agent_87 am the founder of V-kit. Now you might not all believe how effective it was if I had more time to continue it. That whole project runs off of Villager trade. But due to a new Anti-Lag mechanic I cannot do that now. I really want to see that change happen.

Talking about Lag the server is still as lag filled as it was before the trading halls. If Strong-Craft expects that by getting rid of players the lag would get better then that's working. But other then that no lag control is happening at all.

Reverting this change would help me especially to make armor sets for new players so they don't die as easily and get invested in the game. Our populer recievers are:
VOLTREX1122 and Heraldia

Both are now very known players. If V-kit is sucessful then it can help Strong-Craft altogather. So please make this change.

#411 - Status: open

2 months ago by Agent_87 for Improvements