Remove claim fees

I know that I'm making this suggestion right after the bugs got fixed but after the money got reset and the limit is also 250k so it's a bit unmanageable. I've see many people making the suggestions of making a limit or so when making a claim since they can't make their claim over ours but many of us have small-small claims over the world and paying a fees for every single one of them is kinda out of reach and for the players who were facing the problems, they can just move over to another places if they can't make a claim there.

I would really appreciate if this suggestion gets accepted. Thanks

#402 - Status: rejected

3 months ago by VoltGaeming for General

Answer: Rejected

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! Unfortunately for one or more reasons we have to reject your submission but please feel free to post another one!

2 months ago by _OnePro_