Increase Server Render Distance

Could we consider raising the default render distance on the server from 4 to either 6 or 8? While I'm aware that increasing the render distance may potentially impact TPS with a larger player count, our server generally sees mid to high teens during peak hours and low 20's at most. This suggests that the server may be able to handle an increase in render distance. Additionally, there are plugins like 'View Distance Tweaks' that offer per-world view distance adjustments based on player-loaded chunk counts and TPS, which could help maintain optimal performance.
I also want to note that for the majority of the server activity we keep an average between 1-5 players on at all times. I believe that a plugin like 'View Distance Tweaks' could greatly benefit the server as a whole, as players would be encouraged to build larger structures that they can see with a larger view distance.

#372 - Status: open

1 year ago by Colden226 for Improvements