Suggestions to make Factions more interesting

1. Reduce the size of overlworld to maybe like 6k x 6k or lower to make it easier to find and raid bases.
2. Lower /wild or /rtp time because of the same reasons.
3. Remove regen walls (make it possible to blow up lava), to help newer (and more experienced players) to raid bigger bases, which would make factions more competitive.
4. Give more power to players (100 per player?) to give smaller factions the possibility to build bigger bases.
5. Make spawners cheaper, so smaller factions can get them more easily and get to ftop, which would make it worth for big factions to raid the smaller ones too, and again increase competiotion.
6. Make obsidian blowable with just 1 tnt, to make raiding more easy, reduce the amount of tnt needed, and reduce the need for more complex cannons (again giving newer players more chances of getting to ftop). Obsidian would still be useful against fireballs/ceggs.
7. Make repairing of tools, armor, weapons easier and cheaper (for example god sets wear out super quick).
8. Add enchant shop, so people who dont have kits can still get semi good armor (would increase pvp and make it more fair for people with no ranks vs. people with ranks)
9. Make warzone bigger, add obstacles like water, trees, hills, mountains, and add warzone events. Warzone events could give keys/gear/money/chunkrippers, etc. This would again increase pvp in warzone, factions would look to get truces/allies.
10. Maybe most importantly reduce map length, more people would play if they got rewards for their work (and wouldn't have to wait a year for the ftop rewards). Shorter maps allow newer factions to get in the competition, raided factions might not leave the server for ever, as they know a new map starts soon and they are able to retry and think of new strategies.

I Hope these suggestions are good and make it easier to start and learn factions, as well as get more players to come here to make it more active and interesting. :))

#326 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Dogesteri for GameModes

Answer: Rejected

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! The submission is now unnecessary as other features replaced it or because it is not relevant anymore

1 year ago by Destitution_