starting seeris with 1.16 all serer

Sir Start 1.16 Survival,creative,factions and skyblock ,now remove 1.8.9,skyblock replace 1.16 opskyblock. Do you hear about extremecraft, opskyblock in that we can blocks iron gold emerald diamon bedrock too. If we start 1.16 we can have netherite . So sir in that we have all enchants up to level 10 plz reset strongcraft all servers convervthem to 1.16 even creative ,add, bedwars

#261 - Status: closed

10 months ago by MarsAlien_2092 for GameModes

Answer: Closed

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! The feature you're requesting is already part of our server :)

4 months ago by Zohiie