Giving the fact that /warp sumo is one of the most popular minigames in survival and that despite the fact that people have been told by the staff team multiple times not to use items in the arena (weapons/armor) and them being kicked from the claim for using them on numerous occasions there are still discussions and arguments about this and some continue to ignore this on the premise that "there is nor written rule" and they are somewhat right in that case , so it will be very helpful if it would become a rule , not necessary added to the server rules because it would be pointless if survival resets and sumo is no longer gonna be a minigame but at least for the time being , make a hologram that is as visible as possible in /warp sumo and make it so that there can be applied a punishment that would make people not wanna break it again like a 1h jail for example.

#248 - Status: accepted

2 years ago by 4ndrw for GameModes

Answer: Accepted

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2 years ago by Destitution_