New command for survival/factions/skyblock

Can a command be added like xp in a bottle do what is actually already in the server but is disabled (/extractexperience)

Why do I/we like it so much:
We can indeed also use / trade but that is quite different from an xpbottle where you can enter your own xp with number.
For example: 5 levels in an xp bottle stuck that we might also be able to make an xp shop.
That makes it all easier for players albeit on the lazy side but it is fun to help players with it and there is another way to share xp with more explanation and also that you can sell effectively with chestshop.
You can also top it up with xp for example first it was 5 levels and then add more like +3 levels.

Thanks for checking and hopefully you can do something with it.
- GaMingN21

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