Please note that the following punishments are just indicative, depending on the case we can choose to apply different punishments.
Racking up 60 offences within 90 days will get you banned.

"I didn't know," or "I didn't read the rules," are not valid justifications.

The use of hacked clients, disallowed mods or cheats of any kind that give you unfair advantages over other players are strictly forbidden. Please remember that all use of modifications, including the ones listed here, is done at your own risk. If you're caught using/having a prohibited mod, you will get banned, even if you didn't know if it was prohibited or not..

Here's the list of mods that are not allowed:
  • LabyMod (only versions lower than 2.6, if you are on 2.6 or higher you're good to go)
  • Free-Cam (or any mod that lets you explore the world in a spectator-like mode)
  • Macros
  • X-Ray
  • Spawner tracers/minimaps that highlight spawners
  • WorldDownloader
  • Tracers
  • SkinFlicker/Blinking Skin
  • Anti-AFK
  • Autoclickers
  • Hardware modifications (special mouses, multiple mouses, mouses along side trackpads, etc)
  • Mods that show invisible players or their location
  • Packet manipulation (knockback edits, reach edits, etc)
  • Printer/Autobuilding mods (mods that place blocks automatically for you)
  • Mods with 1.7 animations server side

List of some of the allowed mods:
  • Optifine (allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures)
  • Armor Status, Directional Huds, and Status Effect (5-Zig, bspkrs, ...), but only if they show your own status
  • Damage Indicators, indicators that show the health of other players (BetterPVP, ...)
  • Chat Mods (TabbyChat, Chat Companion, ...)
  • Minimaps
  • Shaders
  • Forge and LiteLoader (as long as all mods are allowed)
  • Schematica (only buildings visualization/preview)

Please note there might be mods that are not included here but that we still wouldn't allow.
Ask staff if in doubt.
Admitting to be using disallowed hacks/mods (as joke or not) might be considered enough to punish at discretion of the staff.
For minor disallowed mods such as Macros, WorldDownloader:
  • 1st offense - tempban 1-2 weeks
  • 2nd offense - permanent ban

For major disallowed mods:
  • 1st offense - permanent ban

Having a nice and clean chat is one of our main goals, we'd like to provide a friendly and safe environment for all the players of all the ages for a more enjoyable communication.

If you are willing to see and say swear words we added the command /tcf that will turn off the filter.
Please note that while swearing is allowed evading the censor is NOT.

The list of chat behaviors that will be punished includes, but is not limited to:
  • Acting uncivilized
  • Spamming
  • Flooding (or causing flood/spam)
  • Using caps
  • Accusing of using hacks
  • Being racist, sexist, etc.
  • Command trolling
  • Name calling
  • Swearing evading the censor (and/or swearing in other languages)
  • Pretending to be a staff member
  • Spamming asking for rankups
  • Hashtag abuse
  • Disrespecting
  • Begging
  • Inciting to suicide or to any other kind of harmful behavior
  • Indecency
  • Sexual harassment
  • Any kind of behavior that might ruin the game experience of others or that will be considered as inappropriate
  • 1st offense - warning
  • 2nd offense - mute 1h
  • 3rd offense - mute 6h
  • 4th offense - mute 12h
  • 5th offense - mute 1d
  • 6th offense - mute 3d
  • 7th offense - mute 7d

Note: evading the censor will lead directly to a mute

There are several other behaviors not related to the chat that we do not allow.
Disallowing these actions is what is needed to prevent players from ruining the game experience of others.

The list of offensive behaviors that will be punished includes, but is not limited to:
  • Griefing (damaging, stealing, etc)
  • Scamming
  • Claim trolling
  • Creating inappropriate content (sexist, racist, adult-related, offensive, etc) in any form like buildings, books, signs, weapons or anything that could contain text or custom content
  • Creating lag machines/farms
  • Warp-Killing
  • Portal Trapping
  • Stealing CTA/KOTH keys, VoteParty rewards or crate items (filling inventories, etc)
  • Teaming in solo maps/minigames
  • Glitching through blocks/access areas you're not supposed to access (i.e. glitching inside a factions base)
  • Faking help requests with the purpose of trolling or tp-killing a staff member
  • Inappropriate faction names/descriptions/titles
  • Patching with gen buckets/sandbots is NOT allowed (7d ban for all of those who abuse it)

  • The punishment for griefing and glitching may vary depending on the severity of the damages, note also that you may get an unofficial warn if you're using inappropriate items/weapons.
  • You must report someone for disclosing info within 3 days from the disclosure. Reporting later simply will be considered as not an issue.
  • Having any sort of unauthorized modification during the screenshare will get you banned even if not used in the current session.
  • Scamming is allowed on anarchy and factions-based servers.
  • Cross server scams involving at least 1 not faction/anarchy server are not allowed. (i.e. factions-survival, skyblock-opfactions, etc).
  • We do not protect you if your scam involves real money without the involvement of our buycraft store (such as trading items for money on PayPal)
  • For scams we might apply economy changes (balance reset, etc) and we might take back eventual items scammed.
  • We might not handle scams that can easily be avoided with /trade
  • 1st offense - jail 6h
  • 2nd offense - jail 1d
  • 3rd offense - tempban 1d
  • 4th offense - tempban 7d
  • 5th offense - ban

A main focus is to keep the chat kid-friendly and spam-free and nobody likes to see advertisers or inappropriate content all over the place

The following is not allowed:
  • Advertising other servers/services
  • Sharing links or names of inappropriate websites
  • Advertising YouTube channels/Streams/etc
  • 1st offense - tempban 7d
  • 2nd offense - tempban 14d
  • 3rd offense - tempban 30d
  • 4th offense - permanent ban

Nobody likes abusers and we don't either.
We shall not tolerate any kind of abusive action that may ruin the game experience of others, the staff or that might harm the server itself.

The list of chat behaviors that will be punished includes, but is not limited to:
  • Abusing /afk to avoid combat
  • Abusing pets
  • Abusing /top, /jump, /fix, /heal (or any other command) while in combat
  • Command spam/abuse in general,
  • /helpop abuse
  • Cross-teaming/Team-griefing in minigames
  • 1st offense - warning
  • 2nd offense - jail 1h
  • 3rd offense - jail 12h
  • 4th offense - jail 1d
  • 5th offense - jail 1w
  • 6th offense - tempban 1w

Owning multiple accounts is strictly forbidden on our network for several reasons.

Allowing multiple accounts per player would lead to a number of issues that would be unfair for normal players or that would simply lead to abuse and exploitation.

Here's a list of potential issues we're not willing to come across:
  • Ban evasion
  • Punishment evasion
  • Doubling the amount of rewards (i.e. vote keys, drops from parties, etc)
  • Exploitation of game mechanics
  • Bypass of limitations (usually unlockable through ranks)
  • Tracking issues
  • Better chances of scamming
  • Easier to break other rules
  • 1st offense - tempban 1d
  • 2nd offense - tempban 1w
  • 3rd offense - tempban 2w
  • 4th offense - ban

Exploiting game mechanics is another kind of behavior we will not tolerate.

Exploiting game mechanics is the act of gaining unfair advantages through the abuse of commands or anything in a way that is not the one intended (i.e. resetting skyblock islands to get nether spawners, making someone suicide to boost minigame stats, boosting on pvp etc)
Some additional punishments such as balance reductions may be applied!
  • 1st offense - tempban 2w and score reset
  • 2nd offense - tempban 4w and score reset
  • 3rd offense - ban and score reset

This section is related to a series of behaviors generally related to player exploitation for a personal gain in terms of balance or items.

The list of behaviors that will be punished includes, but is not limited to:
  • Scamming users promising ranks/perks for in-game money/items/valuables (store scams)
  • AFK mining/fishing
  • Macros (not keybinds)
  • Weights on keyboard/mouse
  • Anything that makes you mine or do anything automatically (including issuing commands)
  • 1st offense - tempban 2w and -50% eco
  • 2nd offense - ban and eco reset

In this section we try to cover all those behaviors and actions that don't really belong to any particular category.

  • Ban evading
  • Helping ban evaders
  • Keeping the secret when someone confesses to you they're breaking rules
  • Forging/providing false evidence
  • Framing
  • Sharing the account with banned players
  • Trying to get someone in trouble with the only intent of harming them
  • Account stealing
  • Doxxing (disclosing private info about someone)
  • Store Scamming
  • Stealing information (i.e. IPs through IP grabber links)
  • Selling accounts
The punishment can range from a jail to a permanent ban, depending on the case.

Factions is a competitive server very different than other gamemodes and as such it deserves its own set of rules.

The rules stated here have been created with a reason, looking for loopholes will not be tolerated, and punishments will be enforced if necessary.

The following is a list of disallowed behaviors with a punishment that ranges between 6h to 7d tempban and eventually perma ban, on occurrence claims shall be unclaimed.

Claims and claiming:
  • Claiming land with the sole purpose of disrupting another faction currently setting up their base or cannon box is not allowed.
  • Factions are only allowed to keep/use one corner, upon having more they will be unclaimed.
  • Chunk Buffer Limit: factions are allowed a maximum of 20 chunks buffering on each side their base, the buffer starts where the main box ends. (Regens within the box are not allowed)
  • 45 wall protection is not allowed. Upon being made, the walls will be removed and the chunks unclaimed.
  • Base merging: there should be at least 10 chunks of wilderness between the chunks from both factions.
  • Building unraidable walls in any way is not allowed (i.e. cactus/chest/glass etc).

  • Making Cobblemonsters with the sole purpose of griefing a base or protecting one is not allowed.
  • When raiding, Factions can be raided or counter-raided with only one cannon at the same time, per raid.
  • Minimum cannon speed is 3 seconds (per button press).
  • Disallowed cannons: worms.
  • Max cannon claims: 10x10 (including buffer).
  • No raiding with counter cannons.
  • No wilderness patching allowed, including randoms claims to prevent factions from raiding/countering.

  • Camping near bases (Cannon boxes NOT included) to prevent players from flying, building, or mining is not allowed.
  • Griefing wilderness with huge oceans or pillars (gens) etc. is not allowed.

We reserve the right to decide when and how to consider something as offense (i.e. abuse of caps) and to punish for cases not listed above.
You can ask a staff member if you are in doubt.
We also reserve the right to discard any evidence older than 2 weeks.