Survival, Factions and SkyBlock server
Join full servers
Double Voting Rewards
No AFK kick
/is settings (Skyblock servers)
Create elevators
Colored Signs
Make own PlayerWarp (Survival, Creative)
Keep XP on Death
/fix (repair)
/fix (repair armor & enchanted)
/smelt all
No Teleport Delay
/spawnmob (bat, bee, camel, chicken, cow, donkey, fox, pig, piglin, rabbit, sheep, turtle)
/fix all
/sell all
/spawnmob (allay, bat, chicken, cow, fox, frog, horse, mule, mooshroom, ocelot, pig, piglin, pigzombie, polarbear, rabbit, skeleton, skeletonhorse slime, snowman, squid, witch, wolf, zombie)
Use color codes on anvil
McMMO XP (only on servers with McMMO)NormalNormalNormalNormalDoubleDoubleDouble
Personal Vault, /pv (number)1112223
Hopper LimitsDoubleDoubleDoubleTripleTripleTripleQuadruple
List items on /ah23456710
SkyBlock Team Size681012141620
Coal Kit
Iron Kit
Copper Kit
Lapiz Kit
Gold Kit
Redstone Kit
Emerald Kit
Perks Coal Iron Lapiz Gold Redstone Emerald Diamond
Number of plots2357101525
//!, //unstuck
//redo, //undo
//replace, //set
//pos1, //pos2, //hpos1, //hpos2
//cut, //paste
//flip, //rotate
//faces, //outline
//naturalize, //walls
//move, //overlay
//contract, //inset, //outset
//shift, //center, //middle
//hcyl, //cyl, //hsphere, //sphere
//hpyramid, //pyramid, //pumpkins
/asc, /desc, /ceil
//deform, //smooth, //size
/tool replacer, /tool tree
/biomeinfo, /biomelist, //setbiome
//snow, //thaw, //green, //ext
//fixlava, //fixwater, //drain