Survival, Factions and SkyBlock server
Join full servers
Double Voting Rewards
No AFK kick
/is settings (Skyblock servers)
Create elevators
Colored Signs
Make own PlayerWarp (Survival, Creative)
Keep XP on Death
/fix (repair)
/fix (repair armor & enchanted)
/smelt all
No Teleport Delay
/spawnmob (bat, chicken, cow, pig, rabbit, sheep)
/fix all
/sell all
/spawnmob (bat, chicken, cow, pig, rabbit, sheep, horse, mooshroom, ocelot, squid, villager, wolf)
Use color codes on anvil
McMMO XP (only on servers with McMMO)NormalNormalNormalNormalDoubleDoubleDouble
Personal Vault, /pv (number)1112223
Hopper LimitsDoubleDoubleDoubleTripleTripleTripleQuadruple
List items on /ah23456710
SkyBlock Team Size681012141620
Coal Kit
Iron Kit
Copper Kit
Lapiz Kit
Gold Kit
Redstone Kit
Emerald Kit
Perks Coal Iron Lapiz Gold Redstone Emerald Diamond
Number of plots2357101525
//!, //unstuck
//redo, //undo
//replace, //set
//pos1, //pos2, //hpos1, //hpos2
//cut, //paste
//flip, //rotate
//faces, //outline
//naturalize, //walls
//move, //overlay
//contract, //inset, //outset
//shift, //center, //middle
//hcyl, //cyl, //hsphere, //sphere
//hpyramid, //pyramid, //pumpkins
/asc, /desc, /ceil
//deform, //smooth, //size
/tool replacer, /tool tree
/biomeinfo, /biomelist, //setbiome
//snow, //thaw, //green, //ext
//fixlava, //fixwater, //drain