An anti-griefing system

I went on factions earlier today to find my factions base griefed. I am sad at the news as i cannot play in the faction anymore unless we build a new base. Please make an anti griefing system like it tells you who broke the blocks and placed the blocks. I am new to the server and i am not sure if griefing is allowed but it is unfortunate to see bases gone. Please take that in mind.

#251 - Status: closed

3 months ago by MidgetNinja011 for Improvements

Answer: Closed

Hello! Sorry to hear that you got raided but raiding people/griefing their base is allowed in factions. You can check who placed or broken which block by doing /f inspect or /f inspectchunk. I checked in factions and it shows that you’re not currently in a faction, you can either create one by doing /f create or join someone else’s by doing /f join. Once you’re in a faction make sure you claim the land, it makes it so people cannot break the blocks by hand BUT they can still explode them with TNT cannons. Hope you have a good day.

3 months ago by Sereinnn