Server update/reset

Hi there
Id just like to know when will the next server update/reset be and in this case what happens to all the money ive accumulated claim blocks ive claimed and things ive built do i atleast get to keep the cash 🤷‍♂️

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8 months ago by P03SR4ND0M for General

Answer: Closed

Hello, we don't have a set time for resets so it would be impossible to tell you when the next reset would be, usually resets are done yearly depending on the gamemode (this changes, it could be longer than or less than a year, its impossible to predict). Usually updates/resets get announced in the public discord so it would be a good idea to be in that. During a gamemode reset, everything is wiped, the only things that you'll take into the new season is ranks, all in game items, money , claim blocks and builds get reset.

8 months ago by Chimckenn