Server difficulty in survival

I have made a previous sugguestion similar to this about changing server diffculty to hard mode but right now the difficulty is at easy mode which doesnt allow villager zombification and raid evokers from spawning.

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5 months ago by EdwardGaeming for Global


Survival difficulty

Currently the survival server's difficulty is set to easy mode, which makes curing villager and raid farms(because evokers spawn in 5th wave and in easy mode it only has 3) impossible/unsable.I would suggest changing it to hard or atleast normal.

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1 year ago by EdwardGaeming for Global


Geyser mc

Maybe almost all people know this plugin. This plugin make java and bedrock can join.

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2 years ago by Edbert_edbert for Global


New modes, updates and kits

The survival mode is kinda getting boring and it should get a reset going from 1.8 to 1.16 for more nether improvements and for netherite a kit called netherite kit that should be 650k and new enchants in 1.16 and mobs and also new spawn eggs, spawners and if it goes well the server will have more players and add modes like bedwars, skywars, anarchy, ect.. and so the server will be fun again and.. See more

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2 years ago by luctat1on_ for Global



from what i understand the current way for someone to turn off badges is only if they have an og badge (thing that i learned by asking others who have it) which brings me to my point you should make it so that everyone can toggle they're badges on or off and there should be a way for people to know how to turn them off or on and if they can do it instead of just discovering it on they're.. See more

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3 years ago by 4ndrw for Global


Change The Server To The Newest Version Possible

I know most people just say play on 1.8.9 to not experience any lag but the resolution in 1.16 and the new versions are amazing, also I am asking for this since there are a lot of new and cool blocks that everyone likes to use in these versions so it would be really nice if that could happen. any version between 1.15.2 to 1.16 would be great thank you for listening

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3 years ago by KiIIerSkuII for Global


Make Insiding in Factions Bannable/ or Temp Ban

My faction has been attempted to be insided around four times now. Now we won't invite anyone because we think they will inside us. I don't wanna invite new players because another faction may pay them off to inside us. Some faction servers have insiding bannable for a good reason. New players come to faction and then quit because no one will invite them. Also if you made inside bannable.. See more

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4 years ago by Cryptontic for Global


Discord/ NitroBoosters

Currently when players are boosting the Discord server they receive x2 vote rewards. Well, I think when a player boost the Discord server, it announces it on the Minecraft Server saying "<Player> Just Boosted The Discord Server." And the player would receive a hot pink title "NitroBooster" for the length that they are boosting the server. And if a player stops boosting the Discord server .. See more

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4 years ago by Colden226 for Global