Remove phantoms

Phantoms are annoying and they are removed on most survival servers with a lot of player,there is no need to keep them here either because Phantom membranes are in the shop.Nobody sleeps on the server because there is always someone who's afk.

#367 - Status: open

2 months ago by SeedMinecraft for Survival

1.8.9 Worlddownload

Is there a 1.8.9 survival worlddownload and if there is will it be released?

#362 - Status: closed

2 months ago by SeedMinecraft for Survival

/dry command

Make a command that is called /dry (iron rank or higher) that dries all the wet sponges in your inventory,it would be useful when draining ocean monuments and draining water in general.

#343 - Status: closed

9 months ago by SeedMinecraft for Survival

Add vote parties back

Vote parties were a very fun way of encouraging people to vote,and I don't see why they got removed.If you find they are too overpowered with 15 vote keys,maybe reduce it to 10 or 5.

#298 - Status: accepted

1 year ago by SeedMinecraft for Global