Factions reset!

1 month ago
Posted by Ryan
It's finally here! Factions reset. Top factions (previous season): - CECE (Reqro) $288,377,424.64 - Karma (SweetChildOMine) $169,045,960.75 - SorryWeebs (JX6JH) $67,400,165.90 - CoupleGoals (Skarrby) $24,606,636.18 - Eternity (LemonClorox) $18,142,919.14 Faction leaders can fin.. continue reading.
Posted by Ryan
As promised, new website is finally here! Here I would also like to announce the upcoming factions reset. Leaders of top 5 factions on /f top will be rewarded with Vouchers, so get your balances in order. With Factions reset we will also be adding many new features ;) depending on builders, .. continue reading.

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