Stop having fake restarts to kick afkers

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Stop having fake restarts to kick afkers

Post by TooMuchOfMich » Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:42 am

Hey staff, I've had enough of being kicked for "Proxy restart"s or server restarts or similar things randomly throughout the day. I believe I'm being targeted by staff, my rank allows me to afk for however long I want, but since staff doesn't like me they kick me soon after I afk. Y'all write some reason like proxy restart so I don't know, but I know. It's not lag kicking me, I know that. I have never ever had a problem with lag kicking often while being afk, and its certainly not lag when there is a "Proxy restart" every single day/morning. I know the server never "Proxy restart"s during the day. I would've experienced all these apparent restarts that have just become a thing as soon as I started to afk all day. Have I ever seen these things happen when I used to play? No. Its a new thing staff is doing just to kick afkers, even if they have ranks that ALLOW them to afk. So please stop holding grudges, and stop having fake "Proxy restarts" and other nonsense restarts to kick me. Thanks.

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Re: Stop having fake restarts to kick afkers

Post by Destitution_ » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:47 am

Hello TooMuchOfMich,

Proxy Restart = bungee console that restarts.
Server Restart = daily (at 8 pm i believe)
If you still think staff is kicking you, please check /offenses
before blaming anyone.


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Re: Stop having fake restarts to kick afkers

Post by BankrollFresh » Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:37 am

destitution is right. You can check if you have been kicked via punishment link and by checking your history. Moreover, if staff kicked you it wouldn’t display a proxy disconnect, it would say “you have been kicked from the server” + reason exedra.

Also you gotta be pretty self centered judging by how many times you’ve said “me” and “I”. Staff doesn’t care enough about you in the first place to kick just YOU, it’s about a collective amount of players on a server their worried about; I can assure you no grudges are being held and the server restarts do not revolve around if toomuchofmich is afk LOL

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