Allowed and Disallowed mods

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Allowed and Disallowed mods

Post by NThrill » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:22 pm

The following list may be changed at any given time, please check it every time you're considering to install a new mod.
If in doubt contact any of our staff.

Allowed mods:
- Damage Indicators, indicators that show the health of other players (BetterPVP, ...)
- Minimaps
- Armor Status, Directional Huds, and Status Effect (5-Zig, bspkrs, ...), but only if they show your own status
- Shaders
- Chat Mods (TabbyChat, Chat Companion, ...)
- Schematica (only buildings visualization/preview)
- Optifine (allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures)

Disallowed mods:
- Free-Cam
- Macros (keybindings are fine)
- X-Ray
- Hacked clients
- World Downloader
- Tracers
- Anti-AFK
- Autoclickers
- Hardware modifications (special mouses, etc)
- Damage indicators or mods that show invisible players or their location
- Packet manipulation (knockback edits, reach edits, regedit changes, etc)
- Printer/Autobuilding mods (mods that place blocks automatically for you)

Any kind of mod that gives the player a significative unfair advantage against others is NOT allowed.
If you're caught using unauthorized mods you may be punished with a ban.