(Discussion) Powers of staff are too restrictive? (msg to Ryan and Ntroll)


Are the powers of Server Staffs too restricted(limited)?

1. Yes, Overwhelmingly limited.
2. Yes.
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3. Somewhat.
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4. No.
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(Discussion) Powers of staff are too restrictive? (msg to Ryan and Ntroll)

Post by CastelDidHarambe » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:45 pm

This suggestion/feedback is (negative) constructive in nature and is not directed personally towards Nthrill and Ryan. I am sincerely trying to improve the server with my opinionated feedback. Please have tough skin if you're going to read this.

We all know staff ranks are very restricted on StrongCraft, which is not necessarily a negative aspect. This prevents staff from being trolls or over abusing their powers.

being over-restrictive comes at a cost. With such a power limit on the server staff members, the server staff are very limited on their ability to help players on a grand scale. Being too restrictive on their powers simply hinders your staff team.

This includes:
Creepineer and me took down the giant oppressive wall to the west of spawn that prevented players from going in that direction or building at spawn about one and a half months ago, with the approval from other server staff members. This freed up a lot of space next to the spawn and now players are allowed to set up shops in that area. Back then, Creepineer was a mod and did not have world edit. It took us approximately three days to get rid of that enormous area and flatten it out for players to use. Now Creepineer is an Admin on StrongCraft but yet still does not have access to world edit. It limits his abilities to create new areas (such as the areas around spawn) and help players. I have never seen an ADMIN on any role be so restricted and limited in their ability assist players.
Also, he is extremely limited on powers on the main discord server.

Mod, Cool.. look at me, i have creative :ooooooo!

This rank doesn't have any real benefits that helps players, except for the ability to look at pms.

This rank cant really do anything, which makes sense. We do not want to give out a lot of power to new staff members.

This rank is almost obsolete. Builders cannot fly anymore. This takes away their motivation to build any giant structures or aesthetically beautiful buildings/statues as it add (up to double or triple) the time it takes to complete building. I personally lost all motivation to build after this change hit. It will take too much time to complete a good project and i do not want to build anymore.

Although limiting powers of ranks and being restrictive makes the server easier to control and makes staff trolls less relevant, the over-restrictiveness of the server hinders the server staff's ability to work, making anything they try to accomplish (including helping players) incredibly longer. Not only does it take away motivation as it steals time and energy, it makes staff members extremely frustrated. The server owner and headadmin must work with server staff to improve the server, not against. Yes, we must be cautious to whom we give these ranks to, but over-restriction is simply not an option. The best way to go is to know who we give these ranks to. A good way to start would be to be more interactive with the staff members as head staff and listening to their opinions and listening to their grievances.

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Re: (Discussion) Powers of staff are too restrictive? (msg to Ryan and Ntroll)

Post by NThrill » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:56 pm

I'm not quite sure where did you come up with those info but they're entirely not accurate and misleading.
Saying that JrHelpers have no way or really few ways to help players is enough to show the low knowledge of staff permissions

JrHelpers can:
- Mute, warn, jail to moderate the chat and punish players, these punishments are covering a good 90% of the rules
- /spawn players when they're suck
- /nce commands to check for real time notifications by the anticheat
- /alts to see possible abuses of alt accounts
- /disband to reorder stacked players in lobby that might be having KA on
- Global access to helpops coming from the whole server, anywhere, any time
- /whereis to spot players anywhere on the server
- bypasses for island/plot bans
- /staffchat and /globalstaff chat for quick staff communication even cross server

Helpers can:
- Everything Jrhelpers can
- /fly anywhere
- Access to any chatlog and kill log ever, everywhere
- They're trusted with having access to bedrock for log lookups
- inventory and enderchest access to other players
- /tpo and /tppos and /tpseen and /tpohere

JrMods can:
- Everything Helpers can
- /vanish
- Bypasses for islands, private signs, claims and plots
- /broadcast, /banip, /ban and /tempban
- access to homes and vaults of other players
- social spy for msgs and parties

Mods can:
- Everything JrMods can
- /eco management
- /gamemode
- Access to holograms

There are even more but I don't have the time to list them all

I don't know exactly what you were expecting staff to get but if you think this is a server that hands out /op and world edit to staff or players just like that well then you're on the wrong server

There's no reason at all why any staff should have access to world edit, the cases in which that would be actually useful are so rare it's just an useless risk.
If with all those permissions and commands you think staff still can't help a player then maybe it's not fault of the permissions but fault of the staff not able to help.

As for builders, they aren't meant to be using their permissions to build fancy things on any server, that's not the purpose of the rank, it's not a rank that helps you building for yourself it's meant to be a rank to identify players that build for the server. Things like spawns, maps, etc