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Post by DiscoCreeeper » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:58 am

i voted on all links besides one, and it said i voted on only three... and i also didnt get a SINGLE KEY, i just joined the server today -_-

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Re: Voting

Post by Andrej » Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:11 pm

Stuff like that can happen, voting is glitched and it is being worked on.
For the time being try voting while being online on the server, for bigger chance of that glitch not happening
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Re: Voting

Post by MadManTehc » Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:36 am

I've been having the same problem for the last few days. I'm always online and logged in when I vote. The 6th vote link never gives any keys(last couple days no link is giving keys). No biggie, I like voting and getting the server more props.

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